Are you worried about what happens on this plannet?

Are you worried about polution, the destruction of our environment, waste of energy?

Are you worried that there is nothing you can do?

Actualy you are not the only one, and the great news is that each and everyone of us can (and should) make a difference.

Revolutions did not start at the head of a country (politicians are too busy compromising to gain contributions from donnors to be able to do anything). Revolutions started with people just like you and me. People who were tired of waiting for changes and felt ignored by the system. These people wanted a change just like we do today and were looking for a cause to rally around. Then what better cause than your own future and the one of your childrens? Think about it by simply being conscious of how you cook, wash, manage your trash you can make a difference starting today. And no matter how small your contribution maybe, when combined with the millions of others like you all around the world, this will change our destiny and the future of our world. Interested? Read on about the small things that you could do to improve your life while contributing to saving our planet.


Never has there been a time that being ecologically-friendly been more important than right now. Our planet is faced with ever-increasing environmental concerns such as global climate change, increased pollution, carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and chemical dumping in our natural water resources. Therefore, it is only obvious that it is everyone’s job to contribute in reducing waste, carbon dioxide pollution, and conserving energy in any feasible way possible. Luckily, with the increased awareness of potential global crisis, there has been a great deal of progress by both consumers and responsible manufacturers to provide and use products that are far better for the environment than the more traditional and harmful methods used so frivolously in the past.

Americans spend up to 90% of there time indoors and much of that time is spent in their homes. For that reason, the home should be the logical place that anyone can start making small changes to their lifestyle that can produce big differences in favor of the environment. Since environmentally-conscious decisions that become habits in the home will spread out to the decisions that we make elsewhere in the world, making our homes more environmentally-friendly is the logical first step in creating a better world for ourselves and our children.

Our children will also learn from the habits of their parents as well. When children are raised with environment in mind when they make decisions about conservation, energy consumption, and recycling the effects can be tremendous and help keep our planet as healthy and green (or greener!) as it was when they were born.

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Energy-efficient appliances can reduce your monthly energy consumption bills by a staggering amount when used correctly and frugally. They will also greatly reduce harmful pollutants sent into the atmosphere and help cut down harmful carbon dioxide emissions that are caused by increased energy consumption.

Using environmentally-friendly home construction techniques will make sure that your new home is energy and waste efficient right from the start. There are now more eco-friendly home builders available than ever.

More time is spent in the kitchen than any other room in the house so for many people, an eco-friendly kitchen is the logical place to take the first steps in reducing waste and making eco-conscious decisions.

It’s more important than you may think: does the flooring in your home harm the environment? The answer may surprise you. Eco-friendly flooring reduces the need to pillage natural, virgin resources such as forests and reduces the need for harmful chemical adhesives as well.

Everyone loves comfortable furniture but its manufacture and disposal methods wreak havoc on our environment. Check out recycled furniture and the modern methods of design and construction that are making it much more affordable and popular.

What are your sheets made of? How about your mattress? Did you ever consider the dyes and other harmful chemicals that both may contain? Eco-friendly bedding is comfortable, affordable, and more available than ever before.

Having trouble keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter? You may need to look into energy-efficient weather stripping to make sure your energy bills are skyrocketing and you are not wasting valuable energy resources.

Are you making the most of your community’s recycling program? Do you know which plastics are recyclable and which aren’t? Effective recycling can be easily implemented into our lives and it can make big changes for our planet’s future – as long as it’s done correctly.

It may be the smallest room in the house but the eco-friendly choices you make here can mean a big difference for the environment and your energy bills. Some quick and easy changes can make your bathroom into an energy-efficient bathroom in no time.

Eco-friendliness in the home doesn’t stop at the door. Make sure that you are being conscious of the impact you have on the Earth in your yard as well. Eco-friendly lawn care practices are easy to implement, better for the environment, and are often cheaper as well



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