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MyCalifornia Winery ( )

Wineriesin California produce more than 100 distinct varieties of wine, and MyCalifornia Winery creates some of the most popular ones: Merlot, Pinot Noir,Cabarnet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Zinfandel, Chardonnay (White), and Sauvignon Blanc(White).

Someof the wines that My California Winery has available this month include: BuenaVista 2009 Merlot Carneros, Francis Ford Coppola 2008 Merlot Diamond, FlowerSea View Ridge 2010 Pinot Noir Sonma County, Lincourt Lindsay 2009 Pinot NoirNapa Valley, Frog’s Leap 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley, Mount Vedeer 2010Cabarnet Sauvignon Napa Valley, D-Cubed 2006 Petite Sirah Napa Valley, Ramblin’Man 2007 Petite Sirah Central Coast, Ridge 2007 Monte Bello Santa CruzMountains, Ridge 2011 Geyserville Zinfandel Sonoma County, Merryvale StarmontNapa Valley Chardonnay 2010, Cakebread Napa Valley Chardonnay 2011, FerrariCarano 2012 Fume Blanc Sonoma Valley, and Geyser Peak 2012 Sauvignon BlancCalifornia.

Thewinery produces red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, Sonoma Valley wines,and Napa Valley wines.

Thewebsite even has a special section that features the five best wineries inCalifornia, based on the originality and quality of the wine. The selecion isnew every month. For example, this month, they picked Ridge Winery, Clos duBois, Buena Vista, Silverado, and Sterling.

Thereis even a page on the website where you can learn all about the history ofCalifornia wineries.

NatureVita( )



NaturaVitais an excellent source of information for people who care about their health.It provides information on how to live a better life, how to eat well, how toexercise, as well as substantial information on emotional balance and lifespanextension. NatureVita is more than just another health site. It’s a holistichealth resource.

NatureVitahas sections on major diseases, like diabetes and cancer, as well as generalinformation on diet, exercise, and emotional control – which can fightdegenerative disease before it starts.

Thesite also features the latest news from around the world. Most health-consciouspeople also want to know about the world around them. The site makes it easyfor them to get the latest headlines about the major events that are happeningin the world.

NatureVitadescribes itself as a health-focused resource that targets people who are 40years of age and up. The site has tips, articles, and chunks of advice to helppeople enhance their wellbeing and healthy managing their stress, exercising, andeating better. It helps people learn how to take their health into their ownhands.

Ifyou really care about your health, NatureVita is the number one site you shouldstart looking at.

EmilyDeals ( )

Emily’sDeals is a place where only great deals are allowed. Emily’s Deals welcomemessage says that it is for people who like to save as much money as they canwhile still enjoying all that life has to offer. The site aims to bring you thebest deals on the market every single day.

EmilyDeals has a “Best Deals” page where you can see all the greatest deals at aglance. Emily Deals introduces that page by saying that trying to make itfinancially in the 21 st century is awfully hard. They know how hardit is to get by in the 21 st century, and how hard it is to make endsmeet, and that’s why they’ve put together this site that brings the best dealsto you.

EmilyDeals knows how difficult it is to cut costs and make smart financial decisionsover the long term. The way that they help is by bringing people the best dealson their website.

Thereis also a “More Deals” page on the site where you can get even more coupons tohelp you save more money. Emily Deals introduces the section by saying thatcoupons have kind of died a slow death over the years (at least the kind youclip out of magazines). However, they say that coupons have just moved onlineinstead. They have a great page with all the best coupons from all over theInternet.

EmilyDeals has thousands of discount coupons offered by big name brands and majorretailers. You could either spend hours looking through what’s out there, or youcould visit Emily Deals and get the best deals. You have a choice – it’s allabout how easy you want to make your life.

Basamba( )

Basambaoffers weekly special offers, special offers in general, and partner’s offers.It’s got it all when it comes to special offers. It has special offers in everycategory (so you can browse for coupons easily without having to search).Searching is a little harder sometimes. When you browse by category, you canfind the exact coupons you’re looking for.

Basambais a free reward and shopping portal that merges some of the best facets ofcashback rewards and Internet shopping, featuring products from more than200brand name companies, along with great cashback offers and rewards.

Basambahas partnerships with hundreds of brand name companies nationwide, and it letsits members take advantage of great discounts on several well known products.They offer their members access to the best bargains from across the web on everydayitems.

Youcan get 1000 points for registering now at Basamba. You will get the equivalentof $10 in cashback rewards for that 1000 points. Joining is free, quick, andeasy. New members can sign up in a couple of seconds, and they can start takingadvantage of discounts and special offers offered through Basamba right away.


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